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Who doesn’t love modern farmhouses? To own a magnificent modern farmhouse in today’s world is a dream for every individual I suppose. But owning a modern farmhouse doesn’t complete your task here, in fact the real task starts after that.

One should have complete knowledge regarding trending modern farmhouse exterior designs to implement in their farmhouses. So, if you are someone who is looking for some super cool modern farmhouse exterior designs, keep reading the entire blog to know trending ideas going on.

Exterior of a farmhouse is the first thing where your eyes go first. In addition it also gives a first impression which always creates lasting memories of your house. The exterior of a farmhouse should look equally stunning just like the interior of a farmhouse.

In today’s world people are working so hard to earn money so that they can live a luxurious life. And at the end of the day everybody dreams of relaxing and spending quality time with their loved ones at their lavish exterior sitting in their modern farmhouse.

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Who doesn’t love basking in the sun on the most beautiful patio of a modern farmhouse. It’s a worthwhile moment for people who own a modern farmhouse. But to make this all possible, one needs to consider modern farmhouse exterior design ideas to make it an ultra luxurious one.

Before we jump to designs and ideas let’s first understand what modern farmhouses are exactly?

What are Modern Farmhouses?

Modern farmhouses are considered as properties which hold the combination of contemporary designs with the cozy farmhouse aesthetics to create unique and wonderful masterpieces.

Comfy, cozy and full of awe-inspiring features, modern farmhouses are known for their warmth and simplicity and for their natural textures. They are so popular due to their pretty versatile styles which can be easily mixed with other different styles.


Modern farmhouses are less rustic and you can add contemporary touches with a neutral color scheme to make them more elegant. The best thing about these houses is that with so ease they make it look traditional without making it look dainty.

If you are someone who is wishing to upgrade their houses or are planning to build a new house, take a look at these 12 stunning modern farmhouse exterior designs which will help you in making your task easier and come to a decision.

1. Modern Farmhouse Exterior with Garage

12 Trendy Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs - The European Business Review (2)

Doesn’t the farmhouse look magnificent? Well, the farmhouse goes well with the garage. One of the best ways to get exterior done is to build a garage at the exterior of your modern farmhouse.

Also don’t forget the set of brown doors which look perfectly complementing the white house. Everything is so well complementing each other. This house is definitely an epitome of perfect modern farmhouse exterior

2. Contemporary roof pitches

12 Trendy Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs - The European Business Review (3)

How about steep contemporary roof pitches? Well, indeed yes. Just look at the key features of this farmhouse exterior. Dark windows are giving such a dramatic contrast against the soft colored stone.

Also take a look at those glass doors which are across the front of the home. It is just adding beauty to this house. Modern garage design is also stealing the show of this house. All these crucial and small features are adding elegance to the exterior of this farmhouse.

3. Balance between coarse stone and metal roofing

12 Trendy Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs - The European Business Review (4)

Coarse stone and a unique metal roof are just looking perfect for this house. The combination of white and blue is giving major goals to get inspired from this house. Also the bedroom suite which has an attached balcony for outdoor retreat is just perfect for a vacay mood.


The soft colored stone and the dramatic dark windows complement each other very well. This farmhouse is a perfect example for modern farmhouse exterior designs.

4. Farmhouse with warm neutrals

12 Trendy Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs - The European Business Review (5)

This house has some of the spectacular farmhouse style exteriors. The most alluring features of this house is board and batten siding with luxurious dark bricks which blends the modern and traditional vibes in a most perfect way.

Apart from the board and batten siding other appealing features of this beautiful house are low pitch gabled roofs with flat tile and gable bracket details. And don’t miss out the striking red front entry door which is definitely an eye-catching feature.

5. Farmhouse with salvaged materials

12 Trendy Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs - The European Business Review (6)

This specific house just looks similar to other houses. But if you notice properly, you will find that this house is completely made with salvaged materials.

Materials have come from their old farmhouse exterior and some other building parts. Some of the materials include timber roof structures, interior doors and interior wood cladding. Architect has combined these all materials to form a masterpiece in the form of a modern farmhouse exterior.

6. Farmhouse exterior with bold vertical entry

12 Trendy Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs - The European Business Review (7)

Are you someone who loves stripes or horizontal and vertical lines? Well if yes, you will fall in love with this farmhouse. If you want to stand out in front of your neighbourhood, you can definitely get inspired from this house.

This farmhouse has used two different materials and colors in their exterior to make it look one of the best modern farmhouse exterior design ideas. In addition, there is also a unique combination of board and batten siding, stucco and stone that has been used to create this wonderful jaw-dropping farmhouse.

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7. Farmhouse with traditional and modern elements

12 Trendy Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs - The European Business Review (8)

This house is specifically loved by those people who love traditional and modern houses both at the same time. This farmhouse is perfect for them as it includes traditional and modern elements altogether. It has a transitional blending of traditional and contemporary elements.

For giving an accentuating contrasting look, pure white walls are used in contrast to dark navy blue trims. The gable roofs and flat tile mixed with standing seam accents make this home an ultra luxurious one.

8. Farmhouse with mixed materials

12 Trendy Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs - The European Business Review (9)

How about mixing different kinds of materials to achieve a unique modern farmhouse exterior design? Well it turns out to be one of the best farmhouse exterior designs.

The traditional building materials are used to create this wonderful house. Some of the materials include whitewash brick, stucco and hardwood. Don’t forget to notice the main door which is colored in bright yellow shade to give that eye-catchy look.

9. Classic farmhouse exterior

12 Trendy Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs - The European Business Review (10)

Now this farmhouse can be called a quintessential farmhouse. Just look at this adorable white house. Isn’t it beautiful? This house has a solid stone foundation with a wide porch. The exterior walls are constructed in the classic board and batten siding style.

The wall and metal roof has clean lines to give it a modern appeal. In addition, large pavers are also added into the landscape to create exciting entry for owners and guests.

(Video) Prefab Modular Home, overview of modern sustainable architecture

10. Midwest makeover farmhouse exterior

12 Trendy Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs - The European Business Review (11)

Isn’t it cute? In 1900, this was an old looking house situated in Michigan. Later the interior designer decorated this lovely house in its own way. This vintage style home is as beautiful as its exterior.

The designer is fond of nature I suppose. Just look at the exterior of this house all you will find is potted plants and antique market finds. The outdoor garden makes the tin roof oasis even more exciting and inviting.

11. All black farmhouse

12 Trendy Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs - The European Business Review (12)

If you are someone who is in love with the color black, you will definitely fall in love with this modern farmhouse exterior design. The all – black farmhouse which is situated in Franklin is the choice of monochromatic palette which enhances the colorful backdrop.

Black exterior looks ultra gorgeous from outside. Certain features of this house makes it a perfect farmhouse exterior design to get inspired. The vertical lines on the exterior walls complement each element.

12. Urban country farmhouse

12 Trendy Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs - The European Business Review (13)

Just look at the beauty of this house. This is purely magical. Initially it was a deary barn style house but later post renovation it got converted into a dream farm-style home with a feminine flair.

This house holds many innovative and eye-catching features such as wood siding, unusual window shapes and a hedge fence. These all features give this modern farmhouse exterior an ultra superior look.


That’s all. So, these were 12 trendiest modern farmhouse exterior designs to get inspired. If you are someone who is looking for a new house or is planning to renovate their old house, you can surely rely on these designs. Every farm house has its own features and speciality. Make up your mind, what kind of exterior designs are you looking for?

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