130+ Super Cute And Famous Triplet Baby Names (2023)

130+ Super Cute And Famous Triplet Baby Names (1)

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Congratulations, you are having triplets! You just got this news from your doctor and have already started your hunt for triplet baby names. We feel you! Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for parents. However, when you find out you’re expecting triplets, you’re both surprised and delighted. Because triplets mean triple the joy, triple the number of names, and triple the confusion.

Take a look at our list before you start scouring the internet for the perfect pair of names. For your triplets, we have a whooping number of combinations. Check it out! We’ve tied all the names together thematically to make it more exciting.

3 Boys Triplet Baby Names:

Animal Inspired Names For Triplet Boys:

If there are animals you are particularly fond of, or you identify with, you can use them while naming your children. Animal baby names, one of the forms of nature baby names, came into the mainstream just a few years ago and have stated themselves quite clearly. Below are some animal inspired name combinations you can consider for your sons.

  1. Buck – Draco – Hawk (male deer – dragon – eagle)
  1. Arthur – Benno – Callum (bear – bear – dove)
  1. Poe – Raoul – Rosamund (peacock – wolf – horse protector)
  1. Fox – Falcon – Finch (fox – eagle – to swindle)
  1. Caleb – Jonah – Kai (dog – dove – hen)
  1. Corbin – Hector – Braden (crow – horse – salmon)
  1. Rowel – Orson – Auberon (young wolf – bear cub – bearlike)

Superhero Names For Triplet Boys:

With so many superhero movies on the horizon, how about picking one for your triplets? Superheroes are kind, strong, and powerful, traits which we want our boys to grow up with. We’ve shortlisted some of our favorite superhero names for triplets. Zoom on!

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  1. Billy – Bruce – Britt (resolute protector – thick brush – man from Britain)
  1. Charles – Clark – Darcy (warrior – scholar – dark one)
  1. Diego – Gordon – Hank (he that replaces – spacious fort – ruler an estate)
  1. Harvey – Jay – Kal (battle-worthy – to rejoice – strong)
  1. Lex – Logan – Lois (defender of man – woody hollow – pious)
  1. Matt – Max – Oliver (gift of the Lord – greatest – olive tree)
  1. (If you don’t mind naming your children after the bad men) Loki – Elijah – Jonathan (to break – God is YAHWEH – God has given)

Triplet Boy Names Inspired From Sports:

Sports stars and athletes are wonderful inspirations behind triplet baby names, especially for boy triplets. So if you and your spouse are into sports, you can take baby name inspiration from your favorite teams or sports players. And don’t forget to choose strong and sporty nicknames as well. Think about Eldrick (Tiger) Woods or Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson.

  1. Dedrick – Delvin – Donnell (power of the tribe – godly friend – world mighty)
  1. Jesse – Jock – Jordon (gift – God is gracious – flowing down)
  1. Garraway – George – Griffith (spear fighter – farmer – strong chief)
  1. Keane – Kenway – Rodrick (fighter – loyal fighter – famous power)
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  1. Tobin – Torrance – Varden (God is good – little hills – green knoll)
  1. (For the cricket lovers) Don – William – Ricky (great chief – resolute protector – great ruler)
  1. (For basketball fans) Bryant – Barkley – Blake (strong – birch valley – son of lake)

Rockstar Names For Triplet Boys:

Are you a die-hard fan of rock stars or pop princesses? Then why not pick creative and rocking names of music artists of the yesteryears? Today, music is affecting not only our culture but also our naming choices more than ever. So, get a pen and paper and make a list of your favorite musical artists, bands, and songs. Here’re a few of our favorites.

  1. Abel – Alvaro – Apollo (breathing – army of elves – manly)
  1. Lars – Dylan – Cooper (victorious – son of the sea – barrel maker)
  1. Kurt – Keith – Jimmy (wolf – wood – supplanter)
  1. Axel – Diesel – Jett (father of peace – fuel name –mineral name)
  1. Gunner – Jagger – Lennon (battle strong – carter – little cloak)
  1. Pete – Michel – Frank (rock – who is like God – free one)

Greek God Names For Triplet Baby Boys:

Renowned poet and scholar Robert Graves stated that there are three primary functions of mythology – answering the awkward questions asked by kids, justifying the existing social system, and accounting for their traditional customs and rites. But there’s a fourth function as well. Having shaped literature and art for thousands of years, the characters from Greek mythology are influencing baby-naming patterns as well. We’ve listed a few of our favorite Greek gods inspired baby-naming patterns below!

  1. Zeus – Apollo – Hermes (three of main Olympians) (God – manly beauty – pile of stones)
  1. Ajax – Ares – Castor (eagle – the Greek God of war – beaver)
  1. Theseus – Poseidon – Proteus (to set – God of sea and ocean – a sea God)
  1. Adonis – Atlas – Damon (handsome – to endure – to tame)
  1. Dionysus – Pan– Leander (of Zeus – shepherd – lion man)
  1. Paul – Pollux – Troilus (humble – very sweet – Trojan)

3 Girls Triplet Names:

Similar Sounding Or Rhyming Names For Triplet Girls:

One of the best ideas for triplet baby names is the use of similar or rhyming names. It may sound a bit cheeky to some, but we find it utterly adorable. And similar sounding names do not mean that names have to be complete copies of each other. The names have to sound alike, without being another version of the same name.

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P.S. If you want to make things super cutesy, purchase matching clothes and toys as well.

  1. Lila – Mila – Ella (night – gracious – dear – beautiful fairy)
  1. Annabelle – Mirabelle – Isabelle (loving – marvelous – pledged to God)
  1. Blakesley – Hailey – Cayley (dark wolf’s wood – hay’s meadow – laurel)
  1. Addison – Alison – Arieon (son of Adam – noble – silver)
  1. Cheryl – Daffodil – Amaryl (darling – flower – sparkling eyes)
  1. Delphine – Coraline – Claudine (dolphin – strong – enclosure)
  1. Gwen – Helen – Adwen (white – shining light – blessed)

Bird Themed Triplet Girl Names:

What if we tell you could find inspiration for perfect names for your triplets in the sky? Yes, bird baby names is one of the hottest themes of baby names, especially for girls. There are scores of bird names for girls. Some are wearable and mainstream, while others are a bit bold to be used as given names. Let your search for bird baby names for your triplet girls take a flight with our examples below!

  1. Raven – Robin – Mavis (crow – bright – a songbird)
  1. Daya – Deryn – Lark (bird of prey – Welsh word for bird – a songbird)
  1. Starling – Zippora – Alouette (a type of bird – Hebrew word for bird – lark)
  1. Jemima – Arlette – Avis (dove – eagle – bird)
  1. Merle – Paloma – Rhea (name of a blackbird – dove – name of a flightless bird)
  1. Luscinia – Loa – Laraline (nightingale – a type of bird – seagull)

Triplet Names For Girls Inspired From Flowers:

Ben Affleck and Meg Ryan may have named their children after flower recently, but it’s far from a new trend. Some floral names date back to hundreds of years. And why not, these gifts of nature are colorful, bright and have dainty and frilly names. While in olden times, floral names were simple and straightforward like Rose and Lily, today we have exotic and whimsical floral names like Leilani and Delphine. Here are few floral name examples for your triplets.

  1. Azalea – Rosemary – Poppy (flower – dew of the sea – a flowering plant)
  1. Senna – Bryony – Rosa (a bright yellow flower – to sprout – a flower name)
  1. Zahara – Posey – Dahlia (flower – a bunch of flowers – dweller in the valley)
  1. Aster – Ayana – Amaryllis (star – beautiful flower – sparkling)
  1. Hyacinth – Iris – Susan (plant name – Greek goddess of rainbow – graceful lily)
  1. Zinnia – Primrose – Camellia (flower name – flower name – white lily)
  1. Marigold – Daisy – Holly (mother of Jesus – Day’s eye – to prick)

Disney Princess Inspired Names For Triplet Girls:

If you wish to give your daughters instantly recognizable names, consider Disney Princess baby names. Since time immemorial, Disney princesses have provided baby naming inspiration to parents. These names are either plucked from historical legends or old fairy tales or were suggested by Walt Disney himself. Here are our tops picks of cute triplet girl names:

  1. Aurora – Ariel – Anastasia (dawn – lion of God – resurrection)
  1. Giselle – Tiana – Megara (hostage – thankful – a fury)
  1. Merida – Charlotte – Elsa (one who has achieved a high place of honor – free man – oath of God)
  1. Esmeralda – Eilonwy – Wendy (the emerald gemstone – invented name – wanderer)
  1. Anna – Alice – Bella (grace – noble – beautiful)
  1. Jasmine – Mulan – Amber (a white flower – magnolia blossom – a jewel)

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Names For Triplet Girls:

Several television series and characters have come and gone, but none could touch the hearts as deeply as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It’s been more than a decade since the series went off air, but the fandom still lives on. So how about displaying the love you have for the show by naming your little girls after the female characters in the show?

  1. Monica – Phoebe – Rachel (Since these three are inseparable, even in real life) (one – bright – ewe)
  1. Emma – Amy – Julie (universal – dearly loved – youthful)
  1. Carol – Janice – Ursula (strong – God is gracious – bear)
  1. Erica – Nora – Mona (one ruler – honor – noble)
  1. Chloe – Cassie – Cecilia (green shoot – unheeded prophetess – blind)
  1. Kim – Dina – Gloria (bold family – avenged – glory)
  1. Johanna – Amanda – Mackenzie (God is gracious – lovable – fair)

Triplet Names for 1 Boy 2 Girls:

A B C Names For Triplets:

Giving your child ABC names is fun, education, and totally gender neutral. But all the names should be gender neutral. You can also decorate the babies’ nursery in the ABC theme. So, no more confusion concerning a gender neutral nursery decoration theme as well. Check out our favorite ABC triplet name combinations below!

  1. Abbott – Belinda – Charmaine (priest – very beautiful – song)
  1. Adam – Betia – Cleantha (to be red – house of God – glory)
  1. Adrian – Braedyn – Cathia (sea – broad hill – pure)
  1. Ace – Blithe – Carla (one – joy – manly)
  1. Aldrich – Bonnie – Cim (wise ruler – good – ruler)
  1. Alvin – Brittany – Corissa (wise friend – from Briton – maiden)
  1. Austin – Brishen – Christina (venerable – born during rain – follower of Christ)

Exotic Triplet Baby Names:

If you want unique names with a worldly sound, you must narrow down your search to exotic baby names for triplets. There are several plus points of giving your children exotic names. One of these points is that there won’t be any matching or even similar names in the class. And it’s an excellent way to promote global awareness as well. What more could you want? Below, we’ve listed our favorites.

  1. Ari – Asta – Akila (eagle – tree – intelligent)
  1. Einar – Aysel – Adel (one warrior – moonlight – noble)
  1. Lindell – Saran – Naima (lime tree – joy – tranquility)
  1. Carlos – Kiera – Caressa (manly – dark haired – tender touch)
  1. Juan – Darcia – Chanel (God is gracious – dark – a brand name)
  1. Thaddeus – Milagros – Ines (heart – miracle – chaste)
  1. Marcus – Calithea – Elqenna (to harvest – beauty – superior)

Celebrity Inspired Names For Your Triplets:

If you and your partner are creative and want out-of-the-box names for your little ones, you can look into the names celebrities have picked for their babies. Celebs are renowned for picking unique, and sometimes wacky names for their children. But not every celeb craves the spotlight. Some like sticking with classics, take Paul Stanley for instance, who named his daughter Sarah. We’ve got a few unique, yet wearable celeb-inspired triplet name combinations for you.

  1. Knox– Tallulah – Suri (a hillock – leaping waters – princess)
  1. Egypt – Sonora – Violet (that oppresses – pleasant sounding – flower name)
  1. Mateo – Blue – Memphis (God’s gift – color name – abode of the good)
  1. Ode – North – Rainbow (rich – directional name –rainbow)
  1. Usher – Sage – Fuchsia (gate-keeper – wise – color name)
  1. Jake – Destry – Sasha (Supplanter – rides again – defender of mankind)
  1. Angelo – Aviana – Sailor (angel – a blend of Ava and Ana – boat man)

Traditional Names For Triplets:

Since the turn of the century, we’ve seen parents return to old-fashioned names, i.e., names that were popular a couple of decades ago. There could be several reasons behind the sharp increase in traditional names. Perhaps, people have started feeling nostalgic about the good old days or they wish to honor relatives or favorite heroes of those times. The positive part of using traditional names for your triplets is that these names would be familiar with most of the people. So they’d know how to pronounce or spell it. Here are some combinations for your triplets.

  1. Andrew – Abigail – Agatha (warrior – father of exaltation – good)
  1. Barrett – Beatrix – Bethany (bear power – she who brings happiness – house of figs)
  1. Eric – Emily – Eudora (eternal ruler – eager – good gift)
  1. Daniel – Barbara – Irene – (God is my judge – foreign woman – peace)
  1. Frederick – Grace – Julia (peaceful ruler – grace – youthful)
  1. Robert – Ethel – Florence (bright – noble – son of Gawain)
  1. Thomas – Nellie – Mabel (twin – horn – beautiful)

Royal Names For Your Triplet Babies:

Do you want your children to be thought of as leaders and rulers of yesteryears? Then look back at history and pick names of people who successfully ruled their land. Royal names are classic and traditional since the royal families name their children after their royal ancestors. Check out some cool examples of this theme.

  1. Edward – Eleanor – Elizabeth (wealthy guardian – bright – pledged to God)
  1. Christian – Eloise – Catherine – Eloise (follower of Christ – pure – healthy)
  1. Miguel – Maria – Maud (Who is like God – wished for child – battle mighty)
  1. Henry – Laura – Diana (ruler of the state – Laurel tree – supplier)
  1. Richard – Patricia – Mathilda (influential leader – noble – mighty in battle)
  1. Philip – Alexandra – Margaret (friend – defender of men – pearl)
  1. Alastair – Federica – Victoria (defender of mankind – ruler – victory)

Triplet Names for 2 Boys 1 Girl:

Nature Themed Names For Triplets:

Nature names have a sense of quietude and serenity, which makes a perfect theme for your triplet. This theme isn’t very sweet or too much in the face and won’t even date in a few years. In the 1970s, Meadow and Sunflower were the most popular nature names, especially among hippies. Today, Brooks, Stone, Acacia, and even Storm are ruling. A few nature inspired names for your triplets are:

  1. Blossom – Branch – Canyon (to bloom – tree branch – a narrow chasm with steep walls)
  1. Briar – Basil – Birch (a thorny patch – herb name – tree name)
  1. Coral – Cypress – Colt (coral – strong and muscular – caretaker of horses)
  1. Fawn – Dagwood – Eaglewood (little young deer – a shining forest – coming from elder wood)
  1. Fern – Forrest – Flint (fern plant – flint rock – from the woods)
  1. Ginger – Garland – Glenwood (ginger plant – a triangular piece of land – a forest in the valley)
  1. Olive – Oceanus – Pembroke (olive plant – ocean – Highland area)

Names Inspired From Places For Triplets:

David and Victoria Beckham named their son Brooklyn, where Victoria had conceived. Paris Hilton is another famous example of place names. So why don’t you pick place names for your triplets as well? Most of the names we’re aware of were originally derived from the places in which families lived. So people’s affinity with place names is nothing new. Make a list of places of where you have good memories, like your native place, your favorite city, or place where your baby was conceived. Below are our favorites!

  1. Abilene – Columbus – Eugene (grass, a city in Texas – dove, the capital of Ohio – wellborn, a city in Oregon)
  1. Alabama – Alamo – Aragon (vegetation gatherers, a place in southern America – poplar tree, a place in Texas – a place in Iberian Peninsula)
  1. Brasilia – Berlin – Bronx (Spanish name for Brazil – borderline, Germany’s capital – a New York borough)
  1. Adelaide – Kent – Essex (nobility Australian city – coastal district, a place in England – a place in England)
  1. Regina – Rio – Laredo (queen, a place in Canada – river Brazil’s capital – beautiful pastures, a place in Texas)
  1. America – Bremen – Cuba (land of Amerigo, a country name – great antiquity, a state in Germany – great place, a Caribbean place name)
  1. Camden – Carson – Chandler (from the winding valley, rock, a place in Maine – a place in Nevada – candle, a place in Arizona)

First Letter Themed Names For Triplets:

First letter theme is one of the most common themes when it comes to naming triplets, think about the Kardashians – Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe. Just decide on one alphabet that would be the initials for your children’s baby names. We’ve included some examples below.

  1. Sophia – Samuel – Sebastian (wisdom – God has heard – venerable)
  1. Amelia – Alfie – Alexander (work – noble – defender of men)
  1. Zara – Zachary – Zayyan (princess – God has heard – graceful)
  1. Polly – Patrick – Parker (humble – nobleman – park keeper)
  1. Mia – Mason – Matthew (bitterness – stone worker – gift of the Lord)
  1. Tyler – Tabitha – Tess (tiler – doe – harvester)
  1. Kaia – Kaiholo – Kalil (chaste – moving sea – close friend)

Intellectual Names For Triplets:

Intellectual baby names can come from several sources, from the periodic table of elements to the philosopher’s musing. Names of famous philosophers, inventors, scientists, and mathematicians are hot picks. Or think about names of people who’ve inspired you through your life. It could also be your elementary school teacher or your college professor who first recognized your abilities.

  1. Ada – Albert – Altman (noble – bright – man who is old)
  1. Bernice – Darwin – Leonardo (victory bearer – dear friend – lion)
  1. Anne – John – David (grace – God is gracious – beloved)
  1. Abby – Aldwin – Aristotle (my father’s delight – old friend – wise)
  1. Judith – Clinton – Felix (woman of Judea – settlement on a hill – lucky)
  1. Constance – Cornelius – Clifford (constant – horn – ford near a slope)
  1. Martha – Stuart – Rhodes (lady – steward – clearing in the woods)

Month Names For Triplet Babies:

A brilliant and uncommon place to start the baby name decision-making process is the month of the year your children were born. Below are a few examples for your triplets.

  1. January: Jane – January – Janus (God has been gracious – born in January – God of beginnings)
  1. December: December – Snow – Rudolf (tenth month – word name – famous wolf)
  1. October: Autumn – Octavio – October (fall – eight – eighth month)
  1. February: Freya – Carwyn – Ash (lady – blessed love – ash tree)

Triplet Names Inspired From Movies:

Think of trios, you shall remember one of your fictional characters from movies and series. We have accumulated ten such epic trio names for your little gang.

  1. Dustin – Lucas – Mike (Stranger Things)
  1. Harry – Ron – Hermoine (Harry Potter)
  1. Alvin – Theodore – Simon (Alvin and The Chipmunks)
  1. Arya – Catelyn – Sansa (Game of Thrones)
  1. Elaine – Jerry – Gieroge (Seinfeld)
  1. Luke – Han – Leia (Star Wars)
  1. Anna – Elsa – Kristoff (Frozen)
  1. Callie – Christina – Meredith (Grey’s Anatomy)
  1. Emily – Lorelai – Rori ( Gilmore Girls)
  1. Blair – Nate – Serena (Gossip Girl)

Things To Keep In Mind While Naming Triplets:

We’ve also jotted down a few tips and suggestion to ease the baby naming confusions.

1. Opt for totally different names:

You’re under no obligation to select names of any particular type or idea. If you want, you can select entirely different names for your triplets, especially if you feel your children will be compared their whole lives, since they are triplets. So the least you can do is picking different names.

2. Which name to pick for which baby?

This one is one of the best first questions parents ask themselves and each other after zeroing on the baby names. We’d suggest let the birth and alphabetical order decide the names. For instance, baby one becomes Alexander, baby two becomes Briana, and baby three becomes Cecily. Or the first born becomes Ethan, the second born becomes Nathaniel, and the third born becomes Rayan.

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3. Honor your family:

Take out your family photo album or go through the family tree to pick some beautiful, vintage baby names for your child. It’s an excellent way to honor the members of your family. But it also comes with a repercussion, i.e., favoritism. Yes, there are high possibilities that the friend or relative would show preference of one child over the others.

4. Pick names that have the same level of popularity:

You wouldn’t want one child to have a super common name like Samantha for one and exotic and creative names for others Zinirah or Kian. This would even lead to a lot of questions from your child in the future.

5. Practice the names:

Try out the names before getting them printed on the birth certificates. Remember, you will call out the names uncountable times in the future, yell when angry, and whisper when they’re asleep. So practice it on your friends or other family members and see how they sound. Speak out the names and see if they flow well into one another or not.

A Few General Advices:

  • Ensure that the rhythm of the first names complements the last names. Call out the first and middle with last names several times to check the swing.
  • Try to avoid letter redundancy between the names.
  • Make sure the number of syllables in the first name does not clash with the number of syllables in the last name. Also, see that the first name does not end with a syllable that rhymes with the first syllable of the last name.
  • Avoid first and last names with the same letters. They often do not sound good together.
  • Both first and last names should not end with a vowel.

Choosing triplet baby names can be tricky as you may have dreamed of giving the trio a name that is related to each other. These names will always have some attachment to each other. However, you need not stress out by trying to ensure that the names match. You always have the option of choosing different names. It will help you avoid any monotony in their names. So go ahead and choose your favorite names from the list and name your trio something beautiful.

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