7 Best Finish For Walnut [ Reviews Of 2022 ] (2023)

After building a structure from walnut wood, what is the next thing to worry about? To find the finish that will help to increase longevity.

There are plenty of options. Which one is the best? And, we’re here to help you out in this endeavor.

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The best finish for walnut must meet your requirements. Its compounds and properties should be well-suited to increase the longevity of the structure. Which one should you choose?

Keep reading the article and find a complete review of the top seven finishes for walnut woods. We considered various factors and researched to make the purchase easy for you. Let’s roll then!

What Type Of Finish For Walnut?

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Walnut wood is a lucrative and standard material for making furniture. One of the major factors regarding selecting the type of finish for walnut, the wood’s pores, must be considered as a primary factor.

Either on bare walnut wood or stained walnut wood, the finish should be used to maximize the glossiness and protection. A few types of finish for walnut are discussed below:

Lacquer Finish

If you’re going to need long-term glossiness and protection, a lacquer finish is a perfect option. Professionals like it for the low drying duration and maximum protection.

You can find lacquer finish in spray bottles. The application will give a sufficient amount of protection for a particular time.

Linseed Oil

Linseed oil that is treated with heat is the best option to repair damaged and faded walnut woods. The oil is soaked into the surface and fills the pores to maximize protection.

Tung Oil

Another oil-based finish is the tung oil. It is similar to linseed oil. This is popular for DIY projects and household furniture. Being a plant-based oil, the finish is free from toxic and other non-organic compounds.

Danish Oil

For quick drying features, professional woodworkers prefer using Danish oil. Its capability of giving a clear and fine look attracts many woodworkers.

The drying time is comparatively lower than the other finishes, which makes it a good selection for small DIY projects.

Wood identification

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If you’re ever in doubt about the finish of a walnut piece, it’s easy to identify the different types of wood. Once the finish has worn off, the different types of wood will be easily visible.

The wood grain will also be visible, so keep this in mind when making your purchase. Other types of finishes can apply to walnut, so find the one you love the most.

And don’t forget to consider the wood’s Grain when making your decision – it will look even more beautiful that way.

Grain Filler: Adds Contrast and Helps Achieve a Glass-Smooth Top Coat:

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The finishing of walnut wood can be tricky, but it can achieve with suitable grains and a grain filler. Walnut is the best grain filler for achieving a natural matte finish and adding contrast and depth to the wood.

Make sure to choose your grains carefully, as too much walnut will result in a muddy finish. To get the desired effect, add an online top coat to help achieve the glass-smooth surface you’re looking for.

Wet-Sanded Tung Oil Varnish: Augments Natural Contrast in Walnut + Fills Grain:

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The wet-sanded tung oil varnish is an excellent finish for walnut wood. It’s a natural varnish that enhances the contrast and Grain in walnut wood while also filling small areas where there are cracks or discolorations.

A few drops of this varnish can do wonders for enhancing the natural beauty of your walnut. Tung oil is a durable, glossy finish that protects your furniture from wear and tear.

Wet-sanded tung oil varnish also leaves a durable, glossy finish that protects your furniture from wear and tear.

Try the Burnishing Technique:

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Want to give your walnut wood a beautiful finish? The burnishing technique is the perfect way to do it. The simple process takes only minutes, and the results are excellent.

By applying pressure with sandpaper or a dapping file, you will achieve a glossy sheen that makes your walnut wood look stand out from the rest.

Not only is the finish precious, but it’s also long-lasting and easy to maintain. So, if you’re looking for a finish that will make your walnut wood look its best, the burnishing technique is the best way to go.

Polyurethane on Walnut:

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Walnut is a beautiful wood that can finish in several ways. The best finish for walnut is a polyurethane sealer. This treatment will protect the wood from moisture and damage for years to come.

For an extra layer of protection, add a coat of paint or varnish after sealing the wood. Applying the sealer is easy- use a sprayer or brush- and the finish will be uniform and beautiful.

You can also enhance the sheen and color of the walnut finish with waxing or other treatments. So go ahead – finish your walnut project the best way possible!

Burnishing technique:

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Walnut is a beautiful wood with a rustic look that can be stunning when finished correctly. However, spending on a walnut can be a daunting task. That’s where the burnishing technique comes in. Using this technique will minimize the amount of sanding needed and keep your woodworking tools looking new.

Additionally, the burnishing process will give your walnut a polished look. Begin by rubbing down one side of the nut with 220-grit paper. Then, use the same article to rub down the other side. Be sure to use light pressure and take time to acquire the wished finish. Finally, seal the finish with a finish of your choice.

Best Finish For Walnut Reviews

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Here are some of the best finishes available for walnut. Let’s check them thoroughly to find out what suits your project the best.

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Rust-Oleum Zinsser 854 1-Quart Bulls Eye Sealcoat Universal Sanding Sealer

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  • Quantity: 1.99 Pounds
  • Material: Liquid
  • Surfaces: All types of woods
  • Coverage: 400-600sqft

In our findings, this one remains on the top of the list for its universal usage. Especially for walnut woods, the sanding sealer gives a smooth finish.

It keeps the existing natural look of walnut. A glossy and waterproof finish makes the wood durable.

The product is well-suited for home redecoration or home revamping process. One of the best features of the sealer is its drying speed. Once you apply the sealer, you’ll not need to wait for long to dry. It’ll dry as soon as you apply.

After the very first coating, you’ll be able to recoat in a minute. Layers of coating enhance the durability and longevity of the walnut structure.

And we must appreciate the compound used in the sealer. It’s an oil-based sealer. There are some similar sealers having wax in them.

Wax can increase shininess for a limited period. But, to get a durable service from the sealer, you must choose one made of oil.

The sealer is also very useful in terms of efficiency. One gallon of sealer is enough for covering a total of 400 to 600sqft. If you’re planning to apply multiple coating on the walnut wood, this will be a cost-efficient option.

Many do not want to compromise with longevity as well as shininess. Multiple coating is the key to increasing longevity. You can further use any oil or polyurethane coating on it without removing it.

It works as a finish as well as a wood treatment. Apply the sealer if the wood surface gets damaged, or you need to paint on the surface before sanding. This will increase softness, and the surface will get ready for sanding.

Highlighted Features

  • A large coverage of 400-600sqft makes it cost-efficient
  • Dries fast, and it helps recoat within minutes
  • Ingredients in the finish are highly effective for a shining walnut wood board
  • Plain water, alcohol, or ammonia will be enough.
  • Gives a clean and clear wood finish for sanding and painting


  • Many buyers complained about the shipping packaging and expiry date. However, this is a minor issue as it is an oil-based sealer.

Old Masters 19399

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  • Quantity: 2.67 Pounds
  • Material: Tung oil
  • Surfaces: Floor, walls, and woods
  • Coverage: 550sqft

If there’s one product in the list that can justify its brand name, it is Old Masters 19399. How? It’s one of the best finishes available to give both protection and color. Once you apply it, the longevity and quality will amaze you.

The product provides low gloss results to walnut woods. It is most suitable for floors made of wood. On an open surface of walnut wood, this finish works just fine. The product is made of Tung Oil and Fine Varnishes.

Such a combination of the ingredient gives a highly effective result in woodworking projects. You’ll not need to regret it once you apply the finish to the walnut board.

When you’re up for a DIY project with walnut wood, you’ll need to consider a fast-drying finish. This is specifically a major feature to promote the product as one of the best in the market.

Single coating or thin coat from Old Masters 19399 is sufficient for primary treatment. However, if you’re looking to increase the quality of coating, its Tung Oil portion is highly effective for this.

Varnishing gives a clear coating to the walnut wood surface. This coating is highly necessary for protecting the pigmentation and wooden portion of the board. This product works amazingly on walnut woods for varnishing too.

Old Masters is a non-oily finish, and there’s no alcohol in it. You’ll not have to suffer from odor.

An odorless and watery varnish will help the walnut wood to remain in good shape. Also, you can coat and recoat several times to get maximum support and protection.

If you’re working on protecting your old furniture and restoring them with coating, we suggest trying this one out. It’s best for giving an entirely new look to the old furniture.

Highlighted Features

  • Walnut wood gains a completely new look and long-term protection by applying the finish.
  • The product is cost-efficient in terms of applying on a wide amount of surface is possible with a little amount of finish.
  • For old furniture, the Tung oil and varnishes are extremely useful. They’re capable of removing pores, marks, and spots from the wooden surface.
  • Alongside walnut woods, other surfaces can be gained high protection from the finish or varnish.
  • The price is low, and the manufacturer is trustworthy.


  • It takes a little bit more time to dry than the other ones in the market.

Tried & True Varnish Oil

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  • Quantity: 1.27
  • Material: Varnish Oil
  • Surfaces: All types of woods
  • Coverage:1000sqft

If you’re truly looking for a finish that restores the beauty of your wooden walnut structure or gives proper protection, Tried & True Varnish Oil is a possible option.

The product is extremely helpful in getting effective coating for a long period. It contains resin, and the resin is well-refined. You’re going to get a semi-gloss wooden surface after applying the varnish oil.

One of the major reasons for listing it as a good finish for walnut woods is its durability. It offers durability and longevity to the wooden surface.

Again, to save money in the finish, it is hard to find any competitor of Tried & True Varnish Oil. It gives total coverage of 1000sqft for fine coating. Unlike other varnish oils, you’ll not have to bother getting a brush.

Hand rubbing application of the oil makes it convenient for using purpose. Once you apply it, make sure you add as much layer or coating as possible. Without coating, it is not possible to develop the right amount of protection.

To dry properly, it takes almost an hour. If you find it long, the coating gets stronger when you wait for more. None wants to miss the benefit of getting such a strong coating and protection from the finish.

If we draw a comparison chart, the product beats the others in terms of durability, longevity, and thick protection.

High glossy result confirmed from a single coating. By wiping out the extra finish applied on the surface, you’ll gain primary protection.

This primary protection may seem just fine when you’re low on budget or doing an entire house redecoration. The next application procedure should be based on your requirements.

In a nutshell, Tried & True Varnish Oil regenerates the walnut wood’s protection and its capability of handling different types of dirt, dust, and water.

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Highlighted Feature

  • A thick layer in the very first application increases the protection of walnut woods.
  • A long-term service from the wood is confirmed once this varnish oil is applied.
  • After applying the oil, it gives total protection from dust, dirt, and water.
  • The first layer is effective for long-term coverage. And, thereby, it’s a cost-effective oil for using on walnut woods.


  • Not applicable on outside wooden materials such as garden tables and chairs made of walnut woods

Waterlox 5284qt TB5284 Stain

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  • Quantity: 2.2 Pounds
  • Material: Stain
  • Surfaces: Floor and woods
  • Coverage:400-600sqft

Wood stains are always the best option for getting a beautiful outlook from walnut woods. Particularly the stain from Waterlox is a highly recommended one because of its special properties and higher effectiveness.

The first and foremost benefit of having the stain is waterproofness. It gives total protection from water.

If you have a child at home, never worry more about wasting the wooden surface from water. This stain will protect the inner wooden surface from water.

Multiple applications of the stain will increase the protection several times, and you’ll gain a better result from everyday uses.

Where other stains are capable of looking only, there this stain is capable of giving both outlook and protection to walnut woods.

You cannot ignore the benefit of getting medium gloss from applying multiple layers. Even after 3-6 months, it will have a 50 to 55-degree gloss level. After applying it for the very first time, you’ll end up with a 75-degree sheen.

If your furniture starts to show age during snow or rain, this means moisture is affecting the wood surface. It requires inner protection. Without having the stain at home, inner protection is not possible.

Just apply the stain to the wooden surface to avail the optimal result. It’ll amaze you with a variety of elements. Moreover, the formula is well-suited for indoor furniture as well as outdoor furniture.

This is one of the very few stains that are weatherproof. Rain, snow, or sunlight, the varnish oil will give protection from all of them.

If you’re up for a redecoration job or restoring furniture, keep the stain in the list, it will help the surface to last longer.

There’s very little scope of asking about the quality. Since 1910, Waterlox has been producing varnish oil and finish for woods. Save your walnut woods with a proper coating from the stain.

Highlighted Features

  • The finish increases the longevity and durability of walnut woods.
  • It protects from different kinds of outdoor elements, including dust, dirt, water, snow, moisture, and heat.
  • The medium gloss remains for a long period. Therefore, the costing is also friendly for household uses.
  • Its coverage on the walnut wood surface is sufficient for getting the best result.
  • 24-hours drying time may bother you as it’s a long time considering the outcome of a stain application.


  • The odor is strong, and it takes time to go away.

Tried & True – Danish Oil

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  • Quantity: 1.1 Pounds
  • Material: Danish Oil
  • Surfaces: Woods
  • Coverage: 600sqft

Got a dining table of walnut wood to restore? Another Tried & True product is there to help you out in the process.

You may wonder why we began using it on the dining table. Danish oil from Tried & True is safe for food as well as your skin.

Several oils can create itchiness once you come in contact. Food is not safe either because of alcohol. If you have a child at home, this will be a major event. They don’t get the warning and can end up licking the table surface.

Danish oil does not affect health and or food. This can be one of many reasons to purchase the product. The second one is its odorless feature. No smell comes out from the wooden surface where you apply the oil as a finish.

Each coating gives an extra layer of protection. Often, you may require to change the vibe of your house by restoring furniture. Its old-school rustic sheen will help in restoring the outlook and making it worthy for your house.

If you wonder what heat-treated linseed oil is best for, it gives optimal protection against water and the inner portion of the walnut wood surface. You’ll not have to worry again about protecting the table from water or heat.

It fights against moisture. Thereby, it’ll be possible to maintain good wooden furniture without compromising on the moisture. The consistency is confirmed once you apply the oil to the wooden surface.

By penetrating, the linseed oil helps to protect from inside. The highest and optimal protection from Danish oil is gained from consistent usage and proper application. You must follow the right application procedure for getting full protection.

Highlighted Features

  • It is one of the most suited oils available in the market for walnut woods.
  • The non-toxic ingredient makes it a safe product for household furniture.
  • Linseed oil can penetrate deep surfaces and can provide a higher level of protection to maintain the best result from the application.
  • Multiple coats increase the benefit and longevity.
  • It’s also cost-efficient in terms of covering up to 600sqft area.


  • The smell may bother you for a few days. It does not go away soon.

Watco 63041 Lacquer Clear Wood Finish

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  • Quantity: 2.19 Pounds
  • Material: Lacquer
  • Surfaces: Wood
  • Coverage:290sqft

If you haven’t used Watco’s finish or oil, it’ll be a new experience for you regarding the quality. Watco offers the highest quality with its finish and varnishing oil. This product, for example, is a suitable finish for interior furniture made of walnut wood.

Not more than 60 minutes is required for drying, and such swift drying allows you to complete the restoring process within a day. It saves your time.

Fans of polyurethane will like this clear wood finish even more because of the clarity and glossiness. The oil enters and gets soaked in properly. Such a wood finish increases the glossiness and gives a redecorated and completely new look to the furniture.

The durability is a major factor to consider while choosing a finish for walnut woods. In this particular area, you’ll have to admire Watco’s Lacquer Clear Wood Finish. It supports longevity and durability at the same time.

If you are using wood fillers to get rid of blemishes, Watco’s finish will free you from the load. The finish frees the wooden surface from blemishes or watermarks. By removing these spots from the wood, you’ll get a new wooden look.

The clear finish looks extremely good on walnut woods. The application procedure is easier than any other finishes in the list. A spray can is enough to spray the finish on the wood. It gives better protection.

This finish saves you from sandpaper cost too. Between multiple coats, it doesn’t require any sanding. It works completely fine, and the surface remains smooth. The finish works perfectly to remove scratches and protect against scratches.

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When you save your wooden furniture from scratches, it’ll look just fine on its own. The clear finish ensures that glossiness remains, and it continues keeping up the protection for the next 3 months.

Highlighted Features

  • Drying time is quick, and it helps the coating to be fast and quick for getting the optimal outcome.
  • The oil penetrates easily and protects the wood from the inside.
  • A highly recommended finish for interior walnut wood furniture.
  • The finish provides high clarity, and the clarity helps drive a better result. It is to assure maximum safety features.
  • Complete protection from moisture and humidity is possible from multilayered protection of the finish.


  • It will not give a large coverage. Up to 290sqft coverage is comparatively lower than the other available options.

Minwax 15200 Gloss Brushing Lacquer Spray

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  • Quantity: 12.25oz
  • Material: Solvent-based
  • Surfaces: Wood and Metal
  • Coverage: Above 400sqft

If you are not in the mood to take the hassle of applying finish in a general way, try this spray. Minwax gloss brushing helps and protects walnut woods from exterior compounds.

The first thing that you’ll receive from the finish is glossiness. A clear and protective surface is assured from the very first application. You’ll need to spray it on the furniture, and this will turn into a glossy surface.

This spray requires 30 minutes to dry. Such a quick-drying feature saves plenty of time. Once it is dry, apply multiple coatings to increase safety and effectiveness. You’ll also enjoy the clarity from the lacquer spray. A clear surface removes all the watermarks.

Another important factor regarding the spray is its beginner-friendly feature. Spraying is not difficult. Furthermore, brushing helps the finish to soak in properly. If you’re going to apply it to interior furniture, it’ll be less than one day’s job.

The product assures the longevity and quality of coating and protection. Once applied, the quality of the coating will remain for a long period. Not only on walnut woods but also metal surfaces, the spray works properly.

To restore old furniture with walnut surface and metal stands, the spray will be highly useful. It brings back the color of the metal as well as the smoothness of the wooden surface.

Multiple coating is not mandatory but is recommended for gaining standard protection. You’ll acquire a large amount of coverage with the lacquer spray.

The comfort, convenience, and overall durability of the product are the key points to picking the product as a finish for walnut woods.

Highlighted Features

  • An ideal product to provide maximum support for indoor furniture and wooden floors, doors, and window frames.
  • Usable on both metal and woods
  • The drying duration is 30 minutes for assuring the best coating process
  • Bare woods are usable, as well as stained woods. The spray leaves a clear and effective finish with a glossy outlook.
  • Protects from damage and water
  • Gives a lucrative outlook within a day
  • The best option for beginners and non-professional woodworkers


  • Though the spray gives high protection and security, the spray itself is equipped with a low-quality can and nozzle.
  • The odor remains for a few days after applying the spray.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Finish For Walnut

7 Best Finish For Walnut [ Reviews Of 2022 ] (17)

If you’re looking for the most suitable finish for walnut, you’ll have to consider some contributing factors.

This guide is to provide a direction on how you can purchase the best finish to make walnut woods new again.


The first thing to consider is the purpose of the finish on walnut woods. If you’re going to apply on bare walnut woods, remember that it will have millions of pores, and you’ll have to deal with them. Multiple coating will require, and the cost can go far beyond your budget.

On the other hand, to apply the finish on stained walnut woods, it’ll be best to choose a lacquer finish.

This dissolves easily and gives a clear finish. The amount required on stained wood is less than the amount required on bare wood.

Depending on which is your purpose, choose the correct type of finish.


Most of the finishes for walnut are different from one another in terms of quantity. Why does quantity matter?

Because you’ll need to use multiple coating on a single surface for the best result. And, the quantity will ensure that you can cover the entire wooden surface without wasting much.

Generally, most of the cans or packages of finishes can give coverage from 250sqft to above. If you need multiple layers of coating, choose a can that can cover the entire area without bothering you for repurchasing.

Some cans are capable of covering more than 1000sqft. For maximum protection, these are the best.

Drying Time

It is a highly important and beneficial factor to consider the drying time. This varies from finish to finish in terms of internal ingredients and your way of applying on the surface.

Quick-drying time is always recommended as you’ll need multiple coating. Waiting for drying an entire day can be tiresome. Also, you may lose interest in working again on the wooden surface.

If you apply a thick finish to the walnut wood, it takes time to dry properly. But, quick-drying will help in making multiple layers without waiting for that much.

A dried finish gives clear and effective protection against the damage inside the wooden surface.


For picking a DIY-friendly woodworking finish for walnut, choose one that is non-toxic. Toxic ingredients can create a sensation, inflammation, and continuous irritation. You’ll not want this to happen with your hand.

Also, it is highly recommended for homes with children to use non-toxic plant-based oil as a finish. Children lick anything. If they come across the furniture, licking it will cause a serious health hazard.

The non-toxic finish will help in securing the child from such accidents.


Not all the finishes are waterproof. Wood and water do not match properly. Therefore, it is best to choose a finish that will prevent water from entering the wooden surface. This is to protect and gives maximum benefit.

Oil-based and polyurethane finish are the perfect ones in terms of waterproofness. The interior furniture and wooden floors will remain in good shape for a long period.

Find the label on the can to know whether it can give full protection against water or not.

Application Procedures

Various application procedures depend on the type. From using a brush to spray on the surface, every application procedure is available.

Depending on your expertise in woodworking and using finish, choose one that suits your needs.

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Spray finish is preferred for newbies. To use the brush, you’ll need a little more experience.

Indoor Or Outdoor

A weatherproof finish is recommended for outdoor furniture. If you’re about to use the finish for the interior, use waterproof, dustproof, and medium gloss finish.

When you meet the above factors, just hop in to purchase the best finish for walnut woods.

How To Finish Walnut?

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For applying finish on walnut woods, you’ll have to complete some important steps. Only three steps are enough to get the best result. Follow the below steps and get the finish done properly.

Step 1: Sanding

The first step is to use sandpaper for smoothening the surface appropriately. If you’re going to apply the finish on bare walnut wood, it will be difficult to develop smoothness. Sanding evens out the uneven portions. It removes unsmooth areas.

Sanding is necessary and invests a long time to make it appropriate. The better you sand the wood, the more you can save finish from wasting.

Many woodworkers do not want sand properly, and it results in overusing the finish. Walnut has dark patterns.

These patterns look amazing after applying finish. Without sanding properly, such patterns will not be visible. So, sand properly.

Step 2: 1st Coating

The next step is to apply the first coat of the finish. The first coating is always important as it penetrates and increases the protection effectively. 1st coating must be applied with care and proper concentration to avoid overuse.

If you find any excess amount of finish on the surface, wipe it with rubbing alcohol or water. Before the next coating, it requires drying properly. A dried surface is always recommended before the second coating.

Step 3: 2nd Coating

The second coating is to establish the first coating strongly. When the first coating is applied, it removes pores and damages.

The second coating removes spots that appeared from the first coating. Look for any overused or spilled finish on the surface.

Apply the second coating and wait till it gets dried. The more you let it dry, the better surface you’ll get.

After the second coating, you can apply more layers or coating. It will strengthen the protection. However, excessive use should be avoided for the highest result.

How To Finish Walnut Without Darkening?

7 Best Finish For Walnut [ Reviews Of 2022 ] (19)

Walnut has a natural color that is gorgeous and lucrative to a lot of people. If you want to finish walnut without darkening patterns, we have a few ways to do it.

The first way is to apply a thin coating. If the first coat of shellac is thin and clear, it will not create any dark pattern. The walnut wood will look lucrative in such a case.

The thin coating increases the benefit of outlooks. At the same time, it’s possible to enhance the glossiness without darkening by a thin coating of fist shellac.

Our next recommended way is to use a water-soluble finish or plant-based oil finish. These two types of finish do not create dark patterns. The grain remains the same, and it protects against exterior damages.

The last way is one of the most effective as well as efficient ways to finish walnut woods without darkening.

The process is to use the coating right after using the stain on the wood surface. A blended mixture helps to avoid darkening the walnut wood.

When you apply any of the ways, make sure to check the result after a few minutes. The darkening can be avoided only when you know the right quantity of coating to be applied on the surface.

Final Thoughts

Glossy and maintained furniture always adds value to the interior of a home. Walnut woods are capable of adding more beauty to the interior. For maintaining the walnut furniture, always keep an appropriate and compatible finish at home.

Invest some hours of a month in restoring the outlook and beauty of walnut furniture. The best finish for walnut will ensure that the furniture will not lose its charm and beauty.

It will keep increasing the interior beauty every day. A little maintenance can give maximum pleasure to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions regarding finishing on walnut woods. Some of them are given in the following with answers.

What Oil Do You Use On Walnut Wood?

Walnut woods are compatible with linseed oil and tung oil. Both of them are useful for treating damages and pores. To fight moisture, linseed oil and tung oil work just fine. Heat-treated linseed oil gives maximum protection.

How Do You Keep Walnuts From Fading?

Walnut woods fade away when it is exposed in direct sunlight. Many people cover the outdoor furniture to avoid such fading away. By choosing a weatherproof finish, it is possible to avoid walnut woods from fast fading.

How Do I Protect My Walnut Dining Table?

You can use a non-toxic finish on the walnut dining table to maximize the protection. It will protect from water and damage.

How Do You Restore A Walnut Table?

Sand properly. Remove all the residue and debris from the surface. Keep sanding unless you get a smooth surface.

Apply a coating of shellac. Let it dry. Then, apply the second coat of shellac. These will be enough to restore a walnut table.

What Is The Recommended Stain For Natural Walnut Finish?

To get the natural walnut finish, a lacquer stain is the recommended one. It dissolves and penetrates the wood easily. The treatment is fast, and the wood will regain outlook in no time!

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What is the best finish to use on walnut? ›

Lacquer is the best choice for finishing walnut. It dries fast, you only need two coats to seal and protect, and it's user friendly. You can choose airless or pressurized spray equipment to apply lacquer; it doesn't matter. To begin, fill a spray gun container with lacquer.

What stain works best on walnut? ›

Because walnut has a deep burnished color, linseed oil produces the best results when you apply it to walnut wood. In addition, boiled linseed oil gives walnut wood a natural darker appearance.

What is the most durable furniture finish? ›

Polyurethane is the most durable option for indoor woodworking projects. It's highly effective at protecting cabinets, doors, furniture, and floors from scratches and abrasive damage. Polyurethane is also water-resistance and is intended to enhance the natural appearance of the wood with a statin or mid-gloss finish.

Is tung oil a good finish for walnut? ›

Pure Tung oil is an excellent alternative to other drying oils, such as walnut, linseed and soy. On top of producing a beautiful and protective finish, tung oil is also a popular choice for projects because it is versatile, easy to use, and environmentally friendly.

What oil should I use on walnut? ›

We recommend using tung oil for walnut. This type of oil will darken the grain, enhancing and protecting the wood.

What stain is closest to dark walnut? ›

Jacobean by Minwax

Minwax Jacobean (also available here!) is a rich, dark brown color. It's similar to Dark Walnut, but a bit darker and the golden grain hues are more subtle and bit more light brown toned.

How do you finish walnut without darkening? ›

Once the stain is dry, you can continue with either another coat of shellac or go directly to whatever topcoat you choose. And yes, at this point you can use oil-based varnish without it darkening the walnut, because you've already sealed the wood with shellac.

What is the most scratch resistant wood finish? ›

Most Durable Hardwood Floor Finish: Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum oxide is the finish you buy when you don't want to deal with it at all. It comes already installed on the best prefinished hardwood flooring. Rated to last up to 25 years in a single application, it makes the surface much less likely to scratch or fade.

What wood lasts the longest for furniture? ›

Cedar wood projects typically last more than 20 years without splitting, rotting, or warping. White oak and teak are also long lasting woods that are resistant to decay, twisting, cracking, or warping.

Which is better tung or linseed oil? ›

Tung oil creates a harder, more durable finish than linseed oil. Tung oil is more water-resistant than linseed oil. Raw linseed oil takes significantly longer to cure than pure tung oil. Tung oil is generally more expensive than linseed oil.

How many coats of tung oil should I use? ›

How many coats of tung oil should be used? While there are many advantages to using it, pure tung oil takes two to three days to harden, and needs at least five coats. Oil/varnish blends and wiping varnishes are faster-drying, more practical options, but such terms rarely appear on labels.

Does tung oil darken walnut? ›

Pure Tung oil has a honey-like texture and color. This color will impart a warm, amber glow on natural wood. However, regardless of the number of Tung oil coats you apply, it won't darken the wood.

What Colour goes well with walnut wood? ›

Being a natural material, walnut really shines when paired with natural colours of green, beige and grey. The matte green wall behind the walnut cabinetry in this bathroom lends a forest feel to the space, giving it a calming, relaxing aura.

Is walnut oil better than linseed oil for oil painting? ›

If you love how linseed oil makes your paints flow but aren't keen on how it yellows over time, you might want to replace it with walnut oil. While typically more expensive and slower to dry, walnut oil has less of a tendency to yellow—which means you can use it with light colors without worry.

Which is better walnut oil or olive oil? ›

Walnuts are one of the few plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids (other sources include flax seed oil, canola oil and soybean oil). Walnut oil has about 10 times more alpha-linolenic acid (ALA, the essential omega-3 fatty acid in plants) than olive oil (Savva & Kafatos 2016).

Can you use olive oil on walnut wood? ›

While some people think that the use of olive oil might damage wooden furniture, it actually nourishes the wood and brings out its natural shine. It can be used to treat several kinds of wooden surfaces. From chairs and tables to wooden storage boxes, you can use olive oil and let it act as a varnish.

What is the most popular stain color for 2022? ›

Minwax, America's No. 1 selling brand of interior wood stains and clears*, announced its 2022 Color of the Year, Gentle Olive. The color is a soothing sage green with hints of gray that embraces the natural tone of wood to connect homeowners to timeless style.

Is dark walnut the same as black walnut? ›

There is no difference between Walnut wood and Black Walnut wood.

Is there a difference between walnut and Dark walnut? ›

Well, the Black Walnut was in fact part of many native American diets but most of the walnuts we eat today are actually English walnuts, which have a milder taste and broader appeal. They also have thinner, easier-to-crack shells. Black Walnuts on the other hand have a bolder, earthier flavor.

What is the stuff you put on wood to make it shiny? ›

Varnishes and oils offer a natural-looking wood finish. Varnish, shellac, and lacquer are not easy to apply, but they do offer a deep and rich look. They will also deepen and darken over time. Varnishes are the best choice for high-gloss surfaces.

What color is walnut finish? ›

Walnut wood offers rich, brown colors that range from light to dark brown. The sapwood (outer part of the tree log) is pale yellow to white and the heartwood (center of the tree log) has brown shades that vary from light brown to dark chocolate brown with some dark brown streaks.

Is shellac good for walnut? ›

The amber-colored shellac will give the walnut a much warmer tone. Now apply two or three coats of Zinsser SealCoat shellac with a brush or spray gun, or spray lacquer from an aerosol can or a gun to build the film thickness a bit.

What oil finish will not darken wood? ›

What you want to go for is a finish that is known as “water-white”. This means that when it dries on the surface of the wood, it won't bring any color to the party. Just about any water-based finish fits into this category. There are also water-white lacquers that work very well.

Does walnut need sanding sealer? ›

For wood with large, open grain, such as walnut or mahogany, sanding sealer is especially handy as a final fill after most of the grain has been evened out with grain filler.

Does walnut get lighter or darker over time? ›

Walnut. New walnut has a consistent dark brown color but as it gets older it does two things: 1: Unlike maple and cherry, it gets lighter, and 2: a rich honey color starts to come through the grain. You can see the difference between a new table (left) and a four-year-old table (right).

What is the longest lasting wood sealer? ›

Thompson's Water Seal

This is why in most woodworking blogs, their water seal always tops the list of recommended wood sealers. Aside from resisting most types of mold and mildew, it's also long-lasting. So you won't have to worry about reapplying a sealer every couple of years.

Is there hardwood that doesn't scratch? ›

Selecting a floor such as Hickory, Hard Maple or White Oak can protect your floor from damage, as these hardwoods are less susceptible to scratches than softer woods like Pine, Cherry or Black Walnut. Hardwoods with more dramatic grain patterns can help to hide scratches more easily.

What is the most durable finish? ›

Oil-based polyurethane is the most durable finish you can apply by hand, and catalyzed lacquer and varnish are the most durable sprayed finishes.

What wood is hardest to scratch? ›

Meier's own list ranks quebracho, with a Janka score of 4,570 lbf, as the hardest wood in the world. Quebracho is found in Paraguay and Argentina.

What is the most expensive wood for furniture? ›

Topping the list of most expensive woods in the world is Bocote, a flowering plant from the borage family that is mostly found in Mexico, Central and South America. Initially a yellow/brown shade, this wood darkens over time. It has a fragrant smell and is usually used for furniture and flooring.

Which wood is most water resistant? ›

Because of all its natural oils, teak is generally considered the most naturally water resistant wood — but it's not really particularly affordable, sustainable or easy to get your hands on.

What is the best wood finish? ›

Lacquer, specifically pre-catalyzed lacquer, is considered by many professional woodworkers to be the best finish for hardwood furniture, in terms of balance between beauty, protective qualities and ease of application and care.

What is considered high quality wood? ›

Common woods like Black Walnut (1,010 rating) or White Oak (1,360 rating) are naturally prime candidates as sturdy, high quality materials, while softer woods like white pine (420 rating) or Poplar (540 rating) are susceptible to nicks and scratches as soon as the wood is put to the test.

What is tung oil disadvantages? ›

Disadvantages. Tung oil produces a mildly disagreeable odor for a few days after it is applied. This odor lessens with time, however some find that it continues for quite some time afterwards.

Should you sand before applying tung oil? ›

Sand your butcher block, up to 220 grit, to create an even surface for Pure Tung Oil application. During the sanding process, be sure to buff out any scratches, and pay special attention to duller areas. Wipe the surface down with tack cloth to remove any dust and debris.

Is Danish oil better than tung oil? ›

So if you're looking for a wood oil with either a matt finish, or being 100% natural and environmentally friendly is key, then Tung Oil is the best bet. Otherwise, for most surfaces we would actually recommend Danish Oil as it dries quicker and provides a harder wearing finish to wood.

How long should tung oil dry before buffing? ›

After 24 hours of dry time, apply a second coat and allow the Tung Oil Finish to penetrate the surface for 5-10 minutes before buffing with a clean, lint free cloth. Two light coats are recommended for best appearance.

Does tung oil get darker with each coat? ›

With each application of Dark Raw Tung Oil your project may get darker. If you have achieved the color you want with your first coat, but would like more protection, just apply Pure Tung Oil for remaining coats.

What is the best oil finish for walnut? ›

Suitable finishing oils for walnut furniture include tung oil and boiled linseed oil. Both harden in the wood and seal the grain from moisture while leaving a muted, attractive sheen. It takes two coats to get the best finish -- apply each with a rag, rubbing with the grain.

What is the best finish for walnuts? ›

Lacquer is the best choice for finishing walnut. It dries fast, you only need two coats to seal and protect, and it's user friendly. You can choose airless or pressurized spray equipment to apply lacquer; it doesn't matter. To begin, fill a spray gun container with lacquer.

Is Minwax tung oil really tung oil? ›

A: Minwax tung oil finish is NOT tung oil. In fact, it has no tung oil in it. That Minwax garbage acts more like a varnish.

What finish do the Amish use on their furniture? ›

All our wood products are finished with Woodwright Brand Catalyzed Varnish. A catalyzed varnish (also called a conversion varnish) is a type of varnish often used in high end furniture.

Does walnut darken or lighten over time? ›

Walnut. New walnut has a consistent dark brown color but as it gets older it does two things: 1: Unlike maple and cherry, it gets lighter, and 2: a rich honey color starts to come through the grain. You can see the difference between a new table (left) and a four-year-old table (right).

What grit should you sand walnut to? ›

Let it dry for 4 to 6 hours. Once it's dry, sand the surface smooth with 220-grit or 320 grit sand paper.

Does walnut need grain filler? ›

Woods such as oak, mahogany and walnut are characterized as having “open grain” because the wood pores are large. In contrast, “closed grain” woods like hard maple, cherry, poplar and beech have smaller pores. You don't have to fill the pores of any wood before applying a finish.

How many coats of sanding sealer should be applied? ›

Apply 1-2 coats. We recommend no more than 2 coats, then finish with 1-2 coats of topcoat. Hand Application: Apply a liberal amount of product using a synthetic bristle brush, foam brush, pad applicator, or roller.

What wood finishes are in style? ›

The Top Wood Finish Trends for 2022
  • The Coastal Wood Look. Sometimes referred to as the Beachy look, it is reminiscent of old wood that's drifted ashore and weathered in the summer sun. ...
  • Blonde Wood is All the Rage. ...
  • Shades of Light. ...
  • Barn Wood is Still Trending. ...
  • The Timeless Look of Dark Wood. ...
  • Raw and Natural.

What is the most durable finish for a table? ›

Urethane- and polyurethane-based products are the toughest finishes for a kitchen table. Once dry, they can protect against all kinds of spills as well as take a reasonable amount of heat. Polyurethane finishes can last many years without attention.

What finish do furniture manufacturers use? ›

The typical commercial finish used today is a lacquer or varnish. Both of these finishes fall into the broad category of nitrocelulose finishes, or “N/C”.


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