Modern floor lamps - (2023)

Modern Floor lamps - Buying Guide

Lamps are a great companion that conveniently lightens our apartment rooms or offices, separate from the fixed lighting. These lighting fixtures are typically portable, decorative and easy to install. The main types of lamps in use today include the table lamp, floor lamp and desk lamp. Floor lamps generally have a standalone construction, which comprises the base, shade, neck and in some cases matching accessories. The styles visited on most contemporary floor lamps include Tiffany style, Contemporary style, Arc style, Traditional, Reading/Task lamp design and Torchiere lamp style. Below are important questions and answers that will guide you when buying a floor lamp:

1 - What is most important when selecting a floor lamp?

When you are out shopping for a floor lamp, you need to focus on key elements, namely; purpose, height, material, shades and lastly, the price. The most important consideration is the purpose for which you are buying the lamp. With this question in mind, you need to consider whether you want a modest, clear light or something more powerful to illuminate the entire space in your room. Alternatively, you can choose a lamp that will serve as an enchanting masterpiece for your interior décor.

2 - What facts should I consider when selecting a new floor lamp?

Factors like height, price, shades and material are very critical when selecting an ideal floor lamp for your living room. The materials used in constructing traditional floor stand lamps vary widely and includes metal, wood and rattan. Most contemporary floor lamps are made from nickel, silver, bronze, steel and metal alloys. The decision regarding the height of the lamp and style of the shades is generally guided by the user’s individual preferences.

In essence, you can choose whether you want to make a statement or simply want something that will simply fit in the designated space. For the most part, lamps come ready with shades, even though you can also purchase different shades of your own liking with varying colors, sizes and materials. The amount you are willing to spend to buy a floor lamp will be guided by your budget. Before you make any purchase, take a close look at the fixture to make sure there are no defects and that all the functional components are in working order.

3 - How many Lumens do I need when selecting my new floor lamp?

Light is measured in Kelvin, Lumens and Wattage. Kelvin is the scale denoting the color of light while wattage is the light’s energy consumption. Lumen, on the other hand, is the measure of the level of brightness in the light. A typical living room requires about 1500 to 3000 Lumens to brighten the room. The task areas that require maximum lumen include dressing area, outdoor entrance and hallways while the toilet, sink area and dining table generally require minimal Lumens.

4 - Can you tell me more about the current floor lamp trends and practical designs?

New floor lamp trends are seamlessly following the advances and changes in home furnishing design and decor. The trends cover everything from dynamic shapes, green sensibilities to cleaner look and differential use of materials and texture. The trends also point to growing use of LED and colored lighting. Although most people choose lamps based on how they look, the practicability point of view remains critical. New floor lamp designs with added features are becoming increasingly commonplace. The practical designs being witnessed include tray lamp design, adjustable lamp design and lamps with magnifiers.

The adjustable floor standing lamps can be moved in different directions depending on where you want to focus your light. Reading lamps, on the other hand, are highly useful to readers since they provide central lighting and feature adjustable arm for directing light. The lamps with magnifiers often come in handy, when you want to perform small tasks because they produce focused beams. Modern floor lamps with their bold architecture and practicability can easily be used to define space. These lamps come in different colors, shapes and size and use different types of lamps including LED, Fluorescent, Incandescent and Halogen light bulbs. According to renowned home lighting expertsInterior Deluxe, the list of most popular floor standing lamps include:

• BL3M Floor Lamp from Gubi
• Jackson Floor lamp from Delightfull
• Lakonis Floor Lamp from Anta
• Elise Floor Lamp from Pable Designs
• Ibis Floor Lamp – Black Shade from Schuller

5 - Why is advisable to use LED floor lamps?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting has come of age and for many good reasons. The growing use of energy efficient light bulbs is synonymous with going green and high tech LED bulbs are at the forefront of this quiet revolution. LED lighting is highly efficient because it consumes up to 95% less energy compared to the traditional incandescent light bulb. These lighting fixtures also have a long span of up to 60,000 hours compared to less than 2,000 hours for the incandescent light bulb. Since LED light bulbs are fairly affordable, the investment can go a long way to lower your monthly energy bill and protect the environment.

If you are interested in buying LED floor lamp, you will also benefit from the availability of a wide range of LED colors. For instance, the slightly yellow LED colored lights are ideal for lighting, general living spaces, while the bright cool LED lighting work well on workspaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. Brighter lights with ratings of over 4,600k are high suitable for outdoor environment and for security purposes. A color coding unit called Color Rendering Index (CRI) is used to measure the accuracy of the colors stemming from the light bulb. Be sure to check the coding when buying your LED floor lamp to get the right product.

6 - What are some recommended products for Reading floor lamps?

The reading lamps sold in various stores are generally categorized as an arc floor lamp, Swingarm lamps, Reading lamps, and Torchiere and Uplights lamps. Some of the most outstanding contemporary floor lamps in the market today as listed by Interior Deluxe include:

Daphine Terra Floor Lamp from Lumina

This sturdy, Italian made floor lamp features a well-articulated arm and diffuser that pivots around at 360 degrees. The lamp stand is constructed using steel and aluminum while the base is made from cast iron. As with similar modern floor lamps, this lamp uses 1 x 8W LED halogen lamp and retails at a price of $679.

Tab F LED Floor Lamp from Flos from Baltenshweiler

This die cast aluminum painted lamp offers directional lighting and features a porcelain reflector. It uses energy efficient LED light and stands at a height of 43.3”. The lamp is cUL and UL Listed and retails at a reasonable price of $395.

Afra Floor Lamp

This exquisite floor lamp is made by renowned German lamp maker Afra. The base of the reading lamp can fit perfectly beneath a sofa or chair. The lamp features stainless steel construction. The inside lampshade color is available in silver or gold. The light emitted by this lamp is soft and very decorative for interior lighting. This deluxe lamp standing at a height of 55’ retails at $1,420.

Tolomeo with Shade Reading Floor Lamp from Artemide

This Tolomeao branded reading floor lamp comes with a designer shade crafted by Giancarlo Fassina and Michele De Lucchi. The lamp features fully adjustable, articulated arm-body made from aluminum with anodized finish. The tension control knobs are polished with aluminum while the support cables are supported by stainless steel.

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