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Staircase or stairway is designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing the space with smaller vertical distance often known as stairs. When it comes to building customized stairs, ensure that your staircase is designed, crafted, and installed with proper perfection.

Staircase companies in North America proudly craft custom stairs that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also functional. Custom staircase companies offer unlimited options ranging from traditional, straight, curved, flared, and circular.

A stairway is one of the most emotionally malleable physical elements that architects have to work with. It is a blend of both aestheticism and symbolism and reflects about what one feels about its proximity. Let us take a look at a list of staircase building companies in North America:

1. American Stair: Located in Indiana, American Stair is one of the renowned companies who has designed, developed, and built stairs with optimum expertise.

American Stair continues to evolve and grow by building mid- to high-rise commercial, multi-family buildings, medical centers, hospitality, and entertainment avenues, and industrial facilities. Over 50 years of experience, American Stair produces a wide range of pre-engineered products to meet the specific needs of customers.

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It is with the aid of CNC router that the task of processing balusters, newel posts, and stairs treads has become easier. No matter what your building needs may be, American Stair is designed to meet your specific building requirements.

2. Berman Stairs: Staircases are considered a highly visible feature in any building. The design and configuration of this custom-made staircase maximize the beauty and look of the entire property.

Located in Campden, Ontario, Berman stairs helps in taking a step toward beauty. It also offers striking aesthetics and stalwart reliability due to which builders across North America choose Berman stairs.

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Over 30 years of experience in designing buildings and homes, Berman Stairs provides a range of custom stair design services to its customers. They use the updated CNC software for perfect quality and modern logistics solutions.

3. Specialized Stair & Rail: Let your staircase be the center of attraction. Specialized Stair & Rail has done a tremendous job melding your design goals with the realities of your home.

They use a range of CNC routing machine for enhancing the ideas and making sure that the beauty of the stair takes center stage.

Specialized Stair Rail crafts custom stair and melds railing creating unparalleled beauty of the place. Located in Edmonton city of Canada, Specialized Stair spends 15 years on the growth of the company and innovation in the stair building industry.

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This staircase and railing company tremendous job with perfect precision. Quality is always kept above of all the processes. The state of art facility brings together the old world craftsmanship with new world technology.

Specialized Stair & Rail company uses high-powered CNC machines to ensure accuracy and precision to create masterpieces. Experienced professionals combine precision with artistry to help bring your stairs and railing to life.

4. Southern Staircase: Over 30 years of experience in designing, crafting, and installing staircase, Southern Staircase builds top quality stairs and rails. The prime goal of this artistic stairs company is to work with perfection and precision.

Located in Alpharetta city of Georgia, Southern Staircase handles every stage of the stair construction process very diligently.

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From traditional straight staircases to more complex styles including spiral, curved, flared and circular, this artistic company ensures the best range of staircase construction with CNC turner lathe machine.

Whether you are looking for eye-catching stairs for a large luxury home or you are simply renovating staircase of your office premises, Southern Staircase handles the entire staircase design, custom construction, and installation with streamlined expertise.

5. Signature Staircase Corp: Specializes in planning, designing, drafting, and installing staircases, Signature staircase corp. has an experienced team of professionals to assist clients throughout the project.

Located just 30 minutes North of Calgary, Signature Staircase Corp. is sited n the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills of Crossfield, Alberta.

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No matter what is the size of your stair and handrail project, this staircase company offers a unique range of high-quality staircases and handrails. Well-known for uniquely handcrafted straight, curved and spiral stairs, Signature Staircase Corp. uses state of art CNC machines for creating the best range of staircases.

3d flatbed CNC Router is extensively used for manufacturing curved and other custom stair treads. Signature Staircase Corp. is committed to serving the home building industry for over 35 years thereby meeting the needs of the industry.

6. Lake Shore Stair Company: This family-owned company carries a classic legacy throughout North America. They strived hard to attain quality craftsmanship in every project that they undertake. From designing to manufacturing and installing huge balusters, newel posts, and stair treads, everything is done by the hands of skilled experts.

Later, Lake Shore Stair Company started using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and CNC routing machine for meeting the exact specifications of customers. Each and every project, be it small or large, everything was performed with an optimum level of precision by the experts of the company.

They use hardwood, structural steel, glass, stainless steel, cables, wrought iron, for manufacturing custom stairs and railings.

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Over 50 years of experience, this company continues to rely on its fine carpentry and expertise. The goal of the professionals is to create beautifully crafted stairways whose form and functioning are masterfully blended with enduring style and grace.

Lake Shore Stair Company offers services such as baluster installation, railing installation, railing repair, stair installation, stair repair, etc. From manufacturing modern and traditional designs to renovation and restoration of the old stairs and railing, LSS Company gets down giving their 100 percent.

7. The Iron Shop: Forging iron for over 85 years, the Iron Shop in Pennsylvania, North America continues to grow. Located just 35 minutes away from Philadelphia, PA; the Iron Shop is a family-owned company.

The experienced professionals at the Iron Shop leave no stone unturned in showing you the layout of the custom spiral staircase kits. They offer a range of standard staircases to fully fabricated spiral staircases with treads, railings, spindles, and pole welded together to form an extremely sturdy one-piece spiral stairs. CNC routing machine customizes your spiral staircase to suit individual taste and need.

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You can choose a line of accessories to customize the spiral staircase to suit your taste and decor. The Iron Shop is primarily known for its highest quality spiral stairs. From metal spiral stairs to oak, Victorian, and custom spiral stairs, they offer a range of spiral staircases to suit your needs.

8. Keuka Studios: Keuka offers a range of unique custom stair designs to complement the interior and exterior of your place. The home with casual elegance can be enhanced further with traditional to the customized staircase.

Designer stairways complement the architecture of the home or office ambiance giving it regal look. Keuka studios in New York seek the help of advanced CNC router to provide you with the custom cable railing and stairs that runs throughout the structure of your home.

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Over 15 years of experience, Keuka Studios becomes a renowned name in the field of custom stair and railing manufacturing. With unique custom stair and railing designs, this company adds value to the interior and exterior of a residential or commercial place. It is fast and easy to install since it is designed to fit your unique application.

9. AndronX: Working with a team of builders and designers in North Carolina, AndronX achieves the right style to fit your home and business.

With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and installing straight, curved, spiral, and other different types of staircase systems, AndronX assists you in making your vision a reality. They use CNC wood turning machine for building custom staircases for commercial and residential buildings.

AndronX does not want you to just use staircase by the means of getting on and off the floor but they accentuate the look of your entire home and add value to it. With a team of highly skilled and trained professionals, AndronX makes your vision a reality.

They offer a range of metal or wood railings, balusters, welded panels, and handrails to fit the style of your home at an unbeatable price.

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10. Eestairs: With years of experience in the field of designing and manufacturing, Eestairs earns an international reputation for creativity, expertise, and excellence. Started its venture in the Netherlands in the year 1996, Eestairs has expanded its work from commercial level to retail, residential, and public. They stand themselves apart with their expertise in designing and manufacturing.

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Custom staircase designs have become the architecturally focal point of a building as well as the functional feature of the stairs. By combining innovative designs with high-quality materials, Eestairs leave no stone unturned in bringing your dream come true.

Eestairs has also earned an international reputation for creativity, expertise, and excellence as a staircase designer.

11. Legacy Stairs and Millwork: For over 30 years of experience in the stair and rail industry, Legacy Stairs and Millwork enables the vision of the client to come to life. They offer a range of customized wood stair solution at a very reasonable price.

The passion for engineering extraordinary is the motto of the Legacy Stairs and Millwork.

Located in Manmouth county of New Jersey, this wood stair company incorporates the latest technology and the best innovative technique in stair building so as to foster a progressive and ambitious culture for the business.

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The professionals of Legacy Stairs Millwork are extremely well-versed with the working parameters. They manufacture custom staircases for both residential and commercial usage with the help of 5-Axis CNC routing machine.

From creating the spiral, straight, and circular, elliptical, and wider staircases to high defined railing including welded metal balusters, newel post, rail system and glass panels, Legacy Stairs and Millwork offers an extensive range of product line.

12. Erectastep: Redesigning the interior of your residential or office place with prefabricated, easy to assemble, and ready to ship metal stairs is the motto of Erectastep.

With over 20 years of experience in South Carolina, Erectasteps designs and manufactures all types of prefabricated metal stair kits and custom solutions. They use advanced laser cutting technology for manufacturing stair kits that have durable powder coated handrails and stairs.

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From prefabricated metal stairs, metalwork platforms, industrial handrails, aluminum ladders, and tower support, to our newest line of easy to install, commercial stair kits, sleek spiral stairs and mono stringer designer series to our reasonable portable stair steps, ErectaStep products offer the best range of services.

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13. Pacific Stair Corporation: Located in Salem, Oregon, Pacific Stair Corporation is one of the leading stairs manufacturing company in North America. For over 25 years of experience, this company has transformed itself to the nation’s leading commercial stair builder.

With a pool of talented professionals in designing, manufacturing, and installation of the commercial steel stair systems, it is the mission of this company to ensure that clients receive the highest standard of service.

The core business of pacific stair corporation lies in the development, production, and distribution of the best range of stair system. With the help of CNC Turner or lathe machine, a wide range of stair styles are available to meet specific needs of customers.

The precast stair is hassle-free and economical solution for apartments/public housing building stairs.

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14. Hardwood design Inc: With over 30 years of experience in the field of stairs building, hardwood Design, Inc. helps in resolving all your stair needs. Homeowners throughout New England and New York rely upon the Hardwood design Inc to build beautiful custom stair parts in the workshop of Exeter, Rhode Island.

Moreover, location is not an issue as custom stairs are built in the workshop and then transported to the work site.

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Hardwood Design Company offers a few services which include, CNC precision, custom fabrication, design & engineering, fully assembled in shop staircases, custom, stock part sales, and precise installation.

Specialized in the fine art of stair building, this company creates spectacular staircase designs and other architectural art pieces. Some highlights of the featured projects that Hardwood Design Inc. has worked with includes, white oak straight stair, contemporary curved stair, shop built stairs, etc.

15. Menuiserox: Around 40 years of experience in producing solid, state-of-the-art hardwood components, Menuiserox manufactures and installs hardwood stairs and built-in furnishings for its local customers.

Located in Beauceville, a city in Canada Menuiserox offers four main ranges of hardwood stair parts such as handrails, posts and balusters, treads and stringers, and mouldings. Each product category has different models presenting a variety of collection.

From conception to delivery, Menuiserox offers outstanding customer service. It is with the help of CNC wood turner machine that the experienced professionals produce custom-made products as per the needs and requirements of clients.

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If you are in North America and looking for a staircase making company, then this list is for you.

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