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Tiffanylamplove has had the opportunity to check out a huge range of Tiffany style lamps and we have been able to narrow down ourtop 5 Tiffany Style Floor Lamps so that your selection can be narrowed down from the start.

If you are in the market for a beautiful addition to your home decor then you do not need any convincing as to the benefit a beautiful reproduction Tiffany style floor lamp will bring to your home. But which one should you choose? Is it the tulips, or the stunning wisteria. The roses are fabulous, and the mission arts and craft Aztec styles are smart and contemporary. Then of course there is the ever popular dragonfly. Tiffany style floor lamps have so many options to choose from. And each design is different as they are hand made. Variances in design and glass color mean that no two lamps are the same. Take the tour – our top 5 Tiffany Style Floor Lamps will get you started in considering which is the best lamp for your setting.

Our criteria used to determine our top five is primarily quality of workmanship, the aesthetic design and feedback from purchasers.

Quality of workmanship.Most reproductions are imported from factories in Asia. However there are some that are made in the USA and other countries. We look for quality on solder and joining of the materials. Imperfections in the glass are not too much of a problem as that often gives each lamp its individual style. But making sure there is no plastic pretending to be glass is a key thing. Solid workmanship on the the electronics is important from a safety perspective. The quality of finish on the base is also important – is the finish a veneer that is peeing away? Is it cheap paint?

Design – aesthetic. Ok, I know this is always subjective, but as the old saying goes… I know what I like!Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This criteria is really about what pleases our eye. Maybe that will align to your preferences – maybe it wont. But for our purposes to find our top 5 Tiffany style floor lamps, we have chosen the lamps that look great to us. I really love the look of the Wisteria Tiffany style lamps. I really love the angular mission style lamps.

Feedback from Purchasers.We have not purchased all lamps that we have looked at. As an affiliate for Amazon we take the review system seriously. Amazon is very good in making sure reviews are accurate and made by actual purchasers and are not fictitious. fake reviews have been significantly clamped down on in recent years. That being said, we can only go on what we see. We have chosen lamps that have a high star rating.

Our top five are the lamps that we feel best represent the style of Tiffany Lamps and are a desirable piece of furniture or art to have in your home. You may have another that you think should be in the top five. If so please leave a comment below this article and we will investigate!

Number One:Leaf and Vine II Tiffany Style Floor Lamp

This is our number one Tiffany Floor Lamp because it has all the great features of a classic Tiffany lamp with out being overstated. The colors are muted but strong. The olive green and cream is a lovely background to the brighter amber, bronze, gold and copper colors. Made by the quality Robert Louis Tiffany house, this is a lamp that will not shout at you, but will instead fill you with pride and joy as you look at the subtle colors and light from the leaf and vine designs and patterns it sheds in your home. It has an antique aesthetic to it that belies the fact that it is a modern well constructed light fixture. It is earthy, homely, rustic, agricultural, not flashy and colorful.

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Check it out on Amazon here.

The floor lamp is 60 inches tall, with an 11 inch base, and a nice wide shade at 18 inches in diameter, 8 inches high. There is two pull chains to operate the two bulbs. Over 200 hand cut pieces of glass are used in this design.

We love the understated horticultural theme of this lamp. The bronze/amber jewels are a nice touch.The quality is higher than some of the other imports and it will last well. The stand is a quality ornate metal design – but not too fancy. It is solid and heavy.

This lamp is appreciated by all buyers. One five star review said: Just received the lamp, It was packaged very well. Arrived in mint condition . It was easy to put together. Really surprised that the stand part came in pieces that you twist together but once together very sturdy. The shade is awesome. Looks so pretty in our Iiving area. 100w was too bright so we settled for 2 x 60w, perfect . Love the design and the colors.

Number Two: Quoizel TFBF9362VB 3-Light Belle Fleur Floor Lamp in Vintage Bronze

The fleur de lis motif is a great example of European influence on stained glass art. The Art Nouveau design is classy and reminiscent of the French rural aesthetic. This has nice muted earthy tones to contrast with the rich reds and ambers. There is some blues in there too all contrasting well with the neutral brownish creamy colors. The full bell shape of the shade is interesting in this lamp. The shade is deep and large at 20 inches by 10 inches. The Quoizel brand is developing a reputation for quality lamps and light fixtures. We are pleased to have this lamp in the top five Tiffany style floor lamps.

Top 5 Tiffany Style Floor Lamps | Tiffany Style Lamps (2)

This lamp is 62 inches tall with a 20 inch diameter lamp shade which is about 10 inches in height. It takes three light bulbs up to 100 watts. The glass lampshade comprises 532 pieces of colored glass soldered together in the traditional copper lined leaded technique. It is quite an ornate design.

We love the old world art nouveau look of the fleur design. It will look comfortable next to any period antique and will bring a sophisticated look to whichever room you position it.

Customers have expressed their happiness with their purchase of this lamp. One customer said:Bought this lamp to replace another flimsy floor lamp I have. I was certainly hesitant based on the cost, but the purchase was well worth it. It is absolutely beautiful, just the combination of colors I was looking for in the stained glass. I also love the fact it is three lights, each which can be turned on and off separately. And each bulb can be 100 watts! It is heavy and appears well built. This is not just a lamp, it’s really a piece of furniture. I think this is something that will be passed on to my children or grandchildren.

Number Three:Tiffany Style Stained Glass Floor Lamp “Azure Sea”

This is a real head turner – many rich colors in this Azure Sea lamp but predominately blues and greens. This is a fabulous example of a stained glass lamp shade with rich sea colors with splashes of yellow and amber. The design is intricate and elaborate. There is even an ‘Arabian’ feel to this design – it is different and unique.

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Check it out on Amazon here.

This hand crafted lamp has over 1000 pieces of glass in its marine inspired design. There is 57 glass jewels in the design to give that extra sparkle. The lamp is 64 inches tall. The lamp shade is 20 inches in diameter and about 10 inches in height. It has three chain pulls and operates with three 60 watt bulbs.

We love the unique sea inspired design and colors. Three lamps give greater flexibility for soft lighting all the way up to a bright 3-light room illumination.

Customer Feedback: There is a lot of great feedback for this lamp. One of the 5 star reviews –This is a beautiful lamp. The pictures truly do not do it justice!! The colors are very rich and the lamp is well made. I was consistently complimented on this lamp. Unfortunately, I changed the color scheme of my bedroom where I had this lamp and it no longer went with the decor. I gave this lamp to my brother and he loves it! I would highly recommend this lamp to anyone and was very pleased with my purchase.

Number Four:Vivian Green Leaf Tiffany Style Art Glass Floor Lamp

Top 5 Tiffany Style Floor Lamps | Tiffany Style Lamps (4)This is a lovely tall floor lamp with a cream and green leaf motif. It has a bronze trim to it that makes it look quite classy. The cream is warm and relaxing and has darker brown or lavender tones coming through.

It stands 60 inches tall with a solid 11 inch base. The lampshade is 18 inches wide and over 8 inches high. It comprises over 150 pieces of colored glass assembled using the copper foil technique. Not flashy, but a very nice design .

The lamp takes two maximum 100 watt standard bulbs, and has two pull chains for on and off. LED bulbs are recommended to save on energy costs and they will also last longer.

The stand is solid zinc alloy with a bronze finish. It is very heavy and sits firmly on the floor with no risk of it toppling over.

We love the understated nature of this lamp. It is not overtly showy, but it is refined and classic. It does not use one of the traditional Tiffany design themes, so in that way it strays a little away from the classic Tiffany design. And that is a good thing. If you are not looking for a dragonfly or a rose or a wisteria – then this might be the design that works in your house.

There were some reports about variable quality of production, however, overall customers were quite happy with this lamp.

One customer said:

This lamp certainly met my expectations! It is a lovely addition to my family room. The base is heavy duty so you know it isn’t going tumble over. It was easy to assemble. The only thing I can say is that the color portrayed on line is the color it is when lit. When one doesn’t have it on, the shade pieces around the leaf pattern have a bit of a burgundy hue. Luckily for me, this was a welcome compliment in my room.

Number Five:1908 Studios Dragonfly Floor Lamp

The Dragonfly Floor lamp is typical and classic Tiffany. The dragonfly motif is one of the most famous design themes from the original Tiffany collection and has been reproduced and reinterpreted thousands of times. It is quirky, humorous, and totally original. Who would have thought a not-so-common insect would become a famous design feature? What’s next an ant or a spider? Anyway, we love the dragonfly designs, from many Tiffany style lamp reproduction houses. They come in many colors and many color themes.

This 1908 Studios Dragonfly Floor Lamp isfairly traditional with the blue and yellow background to a red dragonfly with white wings. We have a full review of the 1908 Studios Dragonfly floor lamp here.Top 5 Tiffany Style Floor Lamps | Tiffany Style Lamps (5)

Handcut glass pieces is a feature of this lamp shade with glass jewels.. There is two pull chains to operate the lights. It stands 60 inches tall and is about 18 inches in diameter.

We love the traditional dragonfly design and the bright colours of this lamp.

Customers have been happy with this lamp. One 5 star review said:Love this lamp. The picture does not do it justice, it’s gorgeous. We also have the table top version of this lamp and they make a beautiful set. Was well packed and easy to assemble. The shade is adjustable so if you can see the bulbs, just a small adjustment will lower the shade. I’m delighted with this purchase.

Our Top Five

So there you have it – our top five Tiffany Style Floor Lamps. Each is different and will suit different people. What you like may be the worst option for someone else. Taste is personal. The great thing about Tiffany style lamps is that they come in so many varied designs, and so many people love them. The colors, the stained glass, the imposing size – they are all appreciated by many people.

Amazon is a great place to purchase your Tiffany Style Floor lamps. The range of different styles is amazing – any color any style will be found on Amazon, if you have the time to go looking.


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