What Color Chairs Go With A White Table? (Find Out Now!) | Upgraded Home (2023)

What Color Chairs Go With A White Table? (Find Out Now!) | Upgraded Home (1)

White is one of the most heavily used colors in the world of interior design. However, using white to create a table isn’t exactly the most common thing in the world. Part of the reason for this is that finding chairs that work with a white table can be tricky. I mean, most of us don’t even know what kind of chair color you can pair with a white table. So, what’s the deal here?

Though white tends to be a color that goes with everything, most people are not going to find many matches with a white table. The smartest choices for a white table include white chairs, light neutral wood stain chairs, browns, yellows, greys, and virtually all blues. Black, too, is a great option.

If you bought a white table, then you are probably wondering how you can work with it. This guide will help shed some much-needed light on the subject.

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Is White A Good Color For A Table?

White is a great color for any part of your home. It’s one of the most versatile colors in the world of interior design and can improve the look of virtually any home. This ultra-light color will help make your room look more open and can work with any accent colors that you might want to add. Needless to say, no one will judge you for having a white table.

The only real issue people seem to have with white furniture is the fact that it can be slightly more high maintenance. White shows stains a lot more easily than most other colors. If you tend to get very persnickety with your cleaning, this can drive you up the wall. Thankfully, most white tables don’t get permanently stained too easily.

If you are concerned about stains or burns on your table, a protective covering like a tablecloth can help. With that said, many people prefer to have a different color due to the risk.

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The Best Chair Colors For A White Table

While white is generally used as a color to help expand a room and gives you the chance to match with other furniture, it’s rarely ever used as a focal color. Here’s what color chairs you can pair with a white table, if you’re feeling lost.


What Color Chairs Go With A White Table? (Find Out Now!) | Upgraded Home (3)

You know what goes with white? White. White on white is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you have a unified and coordinated look to your dining set. Matching your table’s color is a cinch, primarily because most tables come with matching chairs as a default. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure your table looks good, wherever it is.

White chairs with a white table is a classic choice for garden dining areas, but occasionally, you can see a lot of homes with a similar color scheme inside. This is one of the most reliable ways to ensure that you’ve got a good look going on.

Light Neutral Wood Stains

What Color Chairs Go With A White Table? (Find Out Now!) | Upgraded Home (4)

Also occasionally referred to as “the Scandinavian look,” pairing white with an ultra-light wood stain is a good way to add a natural touch to your home. Extremely light wood washes are the closest pairing to white that you will get for a white table without involving a coat of paint. This gives your home a more natural look that tends to keep the light and breezy ambiance that comes with a white table.

The good part about working with a wood stain is that it gives your home a very nature-oriented vibe. Some folks also claim that it’s a decorative choice that can add warmth to your room. No matter how you look at it, you will be able to get a very pleasant look to your table that is both modern and uplifting at the same time.


What Color Chairs Go With A White Table? (Find Out Now!) | Upgraded Home (5)

Brown is a color that most people would assume is too deep for a white table. This is a color that brings a deeper contrast to a white table, all while still giving your home that push towards nature-oriented colors. In most cases, brown chairs pair well with a white table when you have tons of bright colors all over the room.

This is because brown is meant to be a grounding color. Like many other colors that match with white, brown is also a neutral color. Southwestern, modern, and tropical looks all tend to benefit from this duo. However, some might find it to be somewhat hit-or-miss. If you want to use brown as a pairing, make sure that you have a motif in mind before you go shopping.


What Color Chairs Go With A White Table? (Find Out Now!) | Upgraded Home (6)

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There are few things that make a white table look as elegant as having grey chairs. Grey offers a contrast that’s bold, but not as bold as black. Since grey is trendy and happens to act as the “it” color of this decade, it’s a safe decision. Grey and white give a room a monochromatic look, especially if you add black accents alongside the room.

This is a great pairing for rooms that have a heavy emphasis on modern vibes. With that said, this look can also work with contemporary settings too—though it’s not as common. When picking a shade of grey, there are a couple of things to remember. You need to check out how the undertones of the grey will look for your room, as choices aside from true grey can look a little strange in certain lights.


What Color Chairs Go With A White Table? (Find Out Now!) | Upgraded Home (7)

Blues are always going to be in style, which is why this color family is a staple in interior design. One of the best color pairings for anything that’s white is going to be blue. White dress, blue shoes. White walls, blue curtains. White tile, more blue tile. You get the picture, right? This is as close to a perfect pairing as you can get.

White and blue give a room a crisp, clean, and happy ambiance. This is especially true when you’re talking about light pastel blues or a deep royal blue. Deeper blues are also fairly exotic when it comes to pairings. In parts of the world like Greece, it’s not unusual to see white tables and blue chairs. So, you might consider this to be a Mediterranean-chic concept.


What Color Chairs Go With A White Table? (Find Out Now!) | Upgraded Home (8)

Yellow is a gorgeous look for any room, especially when you combine it with tons of white. This designer shows us why. White and yellow both improve the overall mood of room, and also help give a room a more spacious look. White tends to reflect the light that bounces off of yellow, which means that this combination will give your dining area a nice, warm glow.

A good rule of thumb is that you can use yellow with white whenever you need to add a little cheerfulness into your home. Families who want to make a room look bigger will also find this furniture color to be useful on that front, too.


What Color Chairs Go With A White Table? (Find Out Now!) | Upgraded Home (9)

When you want to kick the dramatic ambiance of a room up a notch, there is one furniture color that you should be looking at. That color, of course, is black. Black and white are the perfect contrast. That’s why they’re both staples in the fashion industry as well as the home design industry. Combining a white table with black chairs is a great way to make sure you make a bold statement that gets people interested.

If you pair black chairs with a white table, expect the overall furniture setup to have an edgy appearance. While you can use virtually any style of furniture with this pairing, the effect it has will always be the same. Even with the stuffiest of Victorian furniture, a black and white color scheme will look avant-garde. It’s even true when you’re talking about office furniture.

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What Color Chairs Go With A White Table? (Find Out Now!) | Upgraded Home (10)

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Related Questions

How do you dress up a white table?

Adding bursts of color to your table setting is a good way to make sure that your white table has an added flair. Most people prefer to use a nice table runner and matching napkins to make it happen. Since white also tends to work well as a way to highlight colors, it’s also a good idea to add some fresh flowers.

Are placemats out of style?

It depends on who you ask. Most people find placemats to be a bit awkward in today’s society, simply because it’s extra work with very little reward. With that said, it does make a lot of sense to get placemats when you have a formal setting or messy children. After all, both typically involve a little extra cleanup.

How do you decorate a table that’s not in use?

When your table isn’t in use, it’s best to stick to placing some decorative accents on the table. This can include things like adding decorative candles, a fruit bowl, or a vase filled with fresh-cut flowers. While it sometimes makes sense to get a tablecloth, this isn’t actually considered to be standard for most homes anymore. Tablecloths are now reserved for more formal events.

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